The Mission of Makengue is to conserve rainforest biodiversity through environmental research, international education, and engaging the local community.​

Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Imagine a place where each day starts off with the roars of howler monkeys and ends with brilliant sunsets. A place where reptiles, birds, insects, mammals, and other diverse wildlife converge. Makengue is a 190-acre private reserve located in the rainforest along the Pocosolito River that feeds into the San Juan River in Southern Nicaragua along the border with Costa Rica. Accessible only by boat, the off-grid private reserve has no neighbors and is a safe haven for many endangered species: howler, white-face, and spider monkeys, jaguars, alligators, toucans, parrots and a rainbow of orchids and butterflies. Read more here.

According to Charlie Kronik of Greenpeace, safeguarding a forest, as well as ensuring the livelihoods of its inhabitants, has a real effect on climate change and β€œis one of the smartest things that we can do.”

Misty Pocosolito river

Interested in getting involved?
Are you a university or independent researcher? Come study the amazing flora and fauna on-site at the reserve! Click here to find out how. Learn more about the property and rainforest here.