Becki Cohn-Vargas, Co-Owner, Makengue Reserve
22 March 2016
Makengue initiated its first partnership for research in 2012 with American University, located in Washington D.C.
Together with Sarah Menke-Fish, director of University College program  the first student visit was organized. We began by working with the students from the University College Program at American University to help define the best way to carry out Makengue’s mission. Is it through research? If so, what kind? Making films for young people? We  proposed a bold idea: to invite college students to help us discover the most powerful legacy for Makengue.
American University Students, Makengue Staff, and Local Educators.
The Makengue Project UC Research Lab students took a semester long course in Spring, 2013. They  were tasked with defining the best ways to carry out the mission of Makengue as a privately owned, newly established nature reserve.
Through research at American University at weekly course sessions and on-site in Nicaragua for 9 days during spring break, which included database queries, interviews with experts, local residents and scholars, and hands-on interaction with the land, a vision for Makengue was developed. Students presented their research on-site at Makengue at the end of the week and again at at a symposium at American University in April 2013.
The Kitchen and Main Lodge at Makengue

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