East Meets West: Birdwatching Group 2017

Becki Cohn-Vargas, Co-Owner, Makengue Reserve

22 March 2016

Makengue hosted the first adult birdwatching group in August 2017.

The group, coming from California and Washington DC was led by Professor Tudge from American University. They woke 6 am daily and were thrilled with the many birds they saw at Makengue. The August birdwatching had fewer species because migrants were back up north, but the group had a special treat, a band of six scarlet macaws came through, stopping in front of the house at Makengue to eat fruit, a first in ten years.

Birdwatching Group 2017

The group loved the Makengue food, especially the fried yucca (cassaba), pico bread and celebrated Giovanny’s (Makengue staff) 18th birthday with a pinata, laughing and enjoying it as much as children. Also, ice cream was delivered by boat from nearby Sabalos, a great treat on a hot day.

The group also had the thrill of daily viewing of toucans and the cacophony of myriads for parrots. They traveled across the great lake, Cocibolca to bird island, covered with egrets and all varieties of herons. They saw bunches of iguanas at the Los Guatuzos reserve, and had lunch at the artist community of Solentiname. On the night boat ride, they saw kinkajous and possums, and sleeping kiskadees. The also traveled to the two volcanoes, marveling at the views and the bubbling lava. They saw more birds at Villa Maya where they enjoyed a delicious barbecue.

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