Becki Cohn-Vargas, Co-Owner, Makengue Reserve

22 March 2016

For a second year, Professors Carr and Van Meter from Washington College brought students to do a new set of inquiry projects.

This time they also invited botany professor, Dr. Rosemary Ford who worked with students doing a study of lichens and helped us learn to use Makengue’s new microscope. She also helped identify over 50 plants and trees for the field guide. The students worked hard to organize the field guide and categorize the hundreds of photos of birds, animals, and plants. Student partner teams researched lichens, caiman and owl behavior, and created powerpoint research presentations with their data.

The 2017 Washington College Makengue group!

The student group missed Milu who had now returned to the wild and was living with a troupe of spider monkeys, which was exactly what we had hoped would happen. On the five-hour hike around the property, they surveyed damage of the recent Hurricane Otto that knocked down trees across the property. Sadly, some giant trees in the rain forest were felled by the winds. They were excited to observe the leks where the tiny collared manakins made clicking sounds with their wings to attract mates.

Back in Managua, the students took a steep hike at Mombacho that went straight up the volcano and were awed by the view of Lake Cocibolca from over 1,000 feet. They were thrilled to see a six month old sloth and observe it moving around on low branches in the trees.

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